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Ruijie RG-S5760C-24SFP/8GT8XS-X


Ruijie RG-S5760-X series switches are the next-generation Ethernet switches which feature high performance and large capacity. The switches employ with new-generation chips together with Ruijie's latest RGOS12.X modular OS to provide a larger entry capacity, faster hardware processing, and better user experience.
The RG-S5760-X series switches support flexible 1000M access and provide four to eight fixed 10G SFP ports that support high-density high-performance uplink connection. They excellently meet user requirements for high-density access and high-performance convergence.
For the convergence layer of large-sized networks, core layer of medium- and small-sized networks, and access layer of data center servers, the RG-S5760-X series switches provide high-performance and sound end-to-end service quality as well as rich security settings in a highly cost-effective way. They can meet requirements of enterprise networks for high speed, security, and intelligence to the maximum.
The RG-S5760-X series switches are equipped with carrier-class electric components, which ensure continuous and robust update and operation of customers' infrastructure networks.

: Built-in Full Layer 3 Routing (24K Routing Table and L3 Multicast)
: Built-in advanced features without additional licensing: SDN, VXLAN,MPLS and Telemetry
: Full series model with 8 10G Uplink and support 100G expansion module
: 1+1 Power (AC/DC) & Fan Redundancy Support

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